Dont marry only for love, it can destroy your destiny - Sonnie Badu advices ladies

Ghana's icon and gospel musician Dr Sonnie Badu has dished out gems and pieces of advice to all ladies out there who are searching and looking to settle saying; love is not the only determinant in choosing a life partner to marry for the entirety of a person's life.

The gospel musician now man of God and based in Uk in a sermon has adviced women on how to select a good partner that will not cost them their destiny for a lifetime.

Speaking to his congregation, he said that women must not enter into a marriage only because they feel they are in love, the man is romantic who buys them gifts and takes them out on a date. He said that women need to be strategic in selecting the right person because if they make the mistake to select or accept the wrong person based on his romance and not his vision then their destiny will be destroyed.

Mr Badu stated that a lot of young ladies go for romance and not vision and by the time they become conscious of certain things then the man has started using their credit cards hence leaving them in debt and they might have also given him one or two kids which is a wasted destiny.

He added that a wrong seed a woman can take can destroy her education, slow her down and can catch you off life.

He encouraged women to make the right choice because they have the power to say no to anyone they don’t want.


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